Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Make up storage: Bedroom Edition

Hello Girls,
today I'll show you how I store make up in my room. 
At the beginning of my love story with make up, I tended to keep everything in the bathroom (I know it isn't the best place for storing make up but I didn't have a choice).
Even if my collection it's still pretty small, I haven't enough space in my bathroom now; that's why I started to move something to the bedroom. Firstly nail polished, then lip stuff!

I organized this area with some Ikea drawers.
Starting with the left side...

In the big bottom drawer I keep the most worn nail polishes, i.e. the ones that I've worn the most in the last six months.

In the top drawer I put random samples, wipes, travel size items and extra stuff I don't need at the moment.

On the right side instead...
In the bottom drawer (this one is not from Ikea, I got it from a local supermarket) I keep nail polishes again, the almost finished ones I don't want to throw away AND the ones that I don't wear that much.

In the twins little drawers on top I keep lashes (single lashes and full lashes), nail tools and a couple of fancy hair ties.

Lip things are organized in a tea-bags box and in a plastic container.

In the tea box I keep lipsticks separating them by colour. In the bottom left section there are all the nudies/wearable pinks/etc everyday basic stuff. Bottom right section: pot lipsticks/glosses I don't really use.
In the top left section there are brights (mostly hot pink lipsticks), and in the top right section... reds!

In the plastic container you can see all the lipglosses that are short enough to fit in perfectly!


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